Well Woman Check

A Well Woman Check is a top-to-toe check of how you are going. It is usually the sort of check up that refers to women in the reproductive phase of their life and beyond.
It includes the following elements: we record your height, weight and blood pressure. We do a breast exam (and we can teach you how to do a breast self-examination at the same time). It includes a pelvic examination, to check the uterus and ovaries and a smear test to check for cervical cancer. It can also include a check of your pelvic floor, coupled with information about how to use your pelvic floor muscles. An STD check can be done at the same time, and contraceptive advice can be provided or discussed as needed.

The Well Woman Check is an ideal opportunity for you to tell your doctor about anything that is bothering you at all, including in regard to your periods, your relationships and your overall health.
This can be a particularly sensitive and demanding issue for women who are survivors of sexual assault. If you have any worries at all, speak to your doctor and let them know what is on your mind, so they can help you.
At least one of our doctors has had training through CASA (Coalition Against Sexual Assault) and a check up like this can actually help a person begin to heal from trauma if it is conducted sensitively and appropriately.

The most important thing is to have regular check ups, because it is so important to identify problems early before they get out of hand. If you are nervous, just tell us and we will do our very best to help you.