Appointment Types

Consultations are by appointment. When you ring, every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and/ or doctor, though sometimes you may have to wait to get to see your preferred doctor.

Urgent problems

We try to accommodate patients of the clinic with urgent problems wherever possible and appropriate. Please let the receptionist know the nature of your problem when you call to make an appointment. Children of the clinic with urgent issues will be prioritised.

Standard Appointments

A Standard Appointment duration is 15 minutes face to face. Please book a Double Appointment if you have multiple issues to discuss, or are uncertain how long you will need in the consultation. This ensures you have enough time and don’t require a follow up.

Please use the chart below as a guide for the duration you will require.

Standard (15 min) AppointmentDouble (30 min) Appointment
1 or 2 Simple IssuesMultiple or Complex Issues
ReferralsAntenatal Checkup
Regular ScriptsMental Health Care Plan
Medication ReviewSkin Check
Pap SmearAnnual Health Check / Assessment
ContraceptivesTravel Vaccinations
SmokingMedicare or Other Forms
New Patients