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Have you got a holiday planned for Spring or Summer?

If so, we can help you prepare for that holiday so that it is not spoilt by preventable illness. We have a variety of travel vaccines for every traveller and we can tailor the information exactly to your trip and your itinerary. We have a travel medicine form which we get you to complete and this will help us help you. In this form you’ll be asked to give as much information as you possibly can, so please give us as much detail as possible. We will go trough it with you when you come in, but having accurate information that you’ve researched beforehand makes it very efficient. Remember: don’t leave it until the last minute as vaccines take time to work. We would like you to ideally come in and see us 6 weeks before your intended departure date.


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Dr Carmel O’Toole has been doing an update in menopause management at the Jean Hailes Medical Centre in Clayton. As part of this, she recently travelled to New Zealand for the Australasian Menopause Society’s annual conference. She has come back from this conference full of enthusiasm and new ideas, which she will be sharing with other members of the medical team. Last year, she ran a successful education evening on menopause, and she is keen to repeat this if there is interest.

It’s stating the obvious but Menopause affects all women. The interesting thing is that no two women are the same. Menopause management is now seen as an opportunity for health interventions and health promotion in the midlife transition. This is because it’s not just about the symptoms that you may experience, but also about the changes that occur in our body at this time. These changes affect your heart, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your weight, your bones and your mood! This is the time to implement a proactive wellness strategy, and all the doctors here are ready to help you do this.

For more Information on Menopause, visit Jean Hailes on the following link.