Please DO NOT ask your GP to email to you or for you any personal medical information OR ask if you can email to the GP and medical information.

Many people ask us if they can email the practice. Unfortunately this is not possible. There are a huge number of reasons for this.
The main ones are as follows. Our IT consultant tells us that we cannot guarantee the integrity of our very complex  system against attack from viruses etc. if we are subject to large amount of unsolicited input . Even the best antivirus programs in the world won’t work in that situation.

The other  type of situation that arises is the sort of examples that really worry doctors medically. For example, there was a case in the US where a middle-aged lady sat in front of her computer and diligently typed in as follows

” Doctor,  I am having an awful pain in the centre of my chest…”

Regrettably this lady was having a heart attack! She actually died seated at her computer desk, because she needed to have spoken to a real person  who could help her! Not sent an email. This tragedy could have been averted by her calling on the phone and speaking to someone  at her  doctor’s surgery, or by  calling an ambulance. She should never have sent an email.

There are other less dramatic examples.

The other problems with emails are numerous but can be summarised as follows:

1. The person sending email imagines that it goes straight to the intended recipient.
2. It is imagined that this person reads the email straightaway and
3. Replies straightaway and
4. You get a reply back straightaway and
5. It solves your problem!

This is not the case in the (real) medical world.
In the medical world  it is important that patients get real help from real people when they need it and that this degree of urgency is triaged by the reception staff who are specifically trained to do so.
So, if you ring and it is an emergency you must let the receptionist know, and then you   will be given appropriate advice and directions as to what is needed to be done.

There are many other examples too numerous to mention. Suffice to say, to work out what to do in any given situation please phone and speak to our staff.
We train our staff to help you.

Bottom line: we don’t do email!