Forms Forms Forms ! Aren’t we all  sick of them. You can’t imagine how many forms  doctors  are asked to complete every day. Often people drop them at reception or hand them to the doctor at the end of the consultation and say “perhaps you can do this in your spare time”. Actually most the doctors don’t have any spare time! Many of the forms that people ask to have completed a very complex and actually require your attendance to sort out and complete.

Once again many people don’t seem to understand this, indeed some people get quite stressed about it.
The situation is that many of these forms have a legal component,  and the doctors are required to assert state or guarantee  certain things.

Many patients think that their doctor would know all about their specific situation, but often the doctor does not know in sufficient detail for the relevant form to be completed in the absence of the patient .

Some forms are legal in nature, for example , asking for special consideration for an examination, or for a parking fine or things of that nature. The simple answer is if you look at the comments in the website
about attendances for referrals and repeat prescriptions most of the same comments apply. So ring the surgery, ask for a brief appointment, being one that is less than five minutes duration .
If that is indeed the case, that your attendance if of a brief duration, you’re not be out of pocket for any significant amount.

Then the forms can actually be done, or not done as the case may be! because sometimes even despite our best efforts we actually can’t legally help you. For example if you ask us to certify something that happened in the past
about which we have no information, we will not be able to help you, even if we would like to, because that would constitute fraud and we would be prosecuted.

Then our families would miss us because we would be languishing in jail!!