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Dr Carmel O'Toole

Dr Carmel O'Toole


Dr O’Toole established Boroondara Health & Wellness Centre in Camberwell in 1995 because she believed that people in the area were seeking a medical setting that strives to provide excellent health care and a diversity of approaches to attaining well-being. Her focus is on wellness promotion and the whole person. She is committed to  a team approach.

She likes spending time with people, helping them work out what is really wrong, particularly looking at complex medical issues that may involve lifestyle issues, such as menopause, diet (including food intolerance), exercise, and stress management. She is also interested in helping people with Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks, ADHD, and any mental health issue; including workplace bullying and harassment, and recovery from child abuse.

Dr O'Toole has studied nutritional medicine and herbal medicine.